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The purpose of this page is to set out the terms & conditions on which we offer access to the following websites:

Please take time to read this page and make sure to understand these terms & conditions

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"Me", "myself", "I", "we", "us" and "our" refer to the webmaster(s) and author(s) of the abovementioned website sites.

"These sites", "our sites", "our websites" and "these websites" refer to the abovementioned websites and all of their contents.

"Content", "site content", "material" and "site material" refers to everything accessible from the abovementioned websites. It includes, but is not limited to written content, information, links, adverts, documents, programs, websites, etc.

We reserve the right to amend this document as needed from time to time and the reader agrees that any such amendment will apply to him/her.

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Buying RepVet Books & eBooks From Our Websites:

Prices may change without prior notice. RepVet Book and eBook orders can be made by calling (South Africa). eBooks can also be purchased directly from our website by following the online instructions. International orders and affiliate enquiries welcome.

eBooks will be emailed as soon as the full payments has been received. No eBooks will be emailed before the full purchase price is paid. Deposit might be subjected to a clearance period. eBooks are not refundable. eBooks need Adobe® Reader® (free download) to open and print. Payment strictly by credit card bank deposits with prior proof via fax, email or confirmation from our side. No refunds on deposits. Corrupted eBooks must be reported within 24 hours after received. The current price list replaces all price lists and arrangements. Prices include V.A.T.

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Affiliate Websites:

Affiliate websites include, the Amazon Group and Although we only choose reliable affiliates problems and mistakes may still occur. We take no responsibility for any problems or mistakes made from these affiliate sites. Problems and queries related to affiliate sites must be discussed with the appropriate affiliate site in question. Necessary contact information can be found on the affiliation site in question.

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Affiliate Program:

The RepVet Books Affiliate program are in association with ClickBank are responsible for the signup, sales statistics and payment of our affiliates. We take no responsibility for any problems or mistakes made from their side. Problems and queries related to one of these aspect must be discussed with ClickBank. Necessary contact information can be found on the ClickBank website.

As stated by the agreement between us and ClickBank, we are responsible for the client support of all the eBooks we sell through ClickBank. For client support please contact us. If we do not come back to you within 2 South African working days you are welcome to let ClickBank know for possible prosecution.

Please also read the Affiliate Agreement.

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Warranties & Liability Of Information:

All information and services available from our websites are provided as is, without warranty of any kind. All efforts have been made to ensure that material accessible via these websites are correct, accurate, reliable, up to date and fit for use. However, we do not guarantee or promise that this is so. We will not accept liability or responsibility for any loss,  damage or anything else suffered as a result of direct or indirect use or application of any material accessible via our websites.

Returning or swapping of animals will not be accepted.

All items bought from our sites are under warranty. Damaged goods will be replaced up to two weeks after dispatch. Only unhampered goods will be replaced.

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Advertisers & Advertisements:

We host various herptile related pet shop and breeder advertisements. Correspondence and dealings with advertisers are solely between yourself and the advertiser.

We are not liable or responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any dealing between clients and advertisers or the presence of advertisements on our websites.

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Reserved Rights:

We reserve the right to publish any contributed material that has been approved by the responsible person. Copyright of contributed material will rest with the contributing author and will be stated only if mentioned.

We reserve the right to alter or remove any material or information from this website without prior notice.

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Copyright Notice:

All site content is copyrighted to Renier Delport, and all rights are reserved, except when stated otherwise. By accessing this site, you agree to do so on the following conditions:

  • You are not allowed to reproduce any content obtained from our sites in any way without permission
  • You may retrieve, review or download a single copy of our website material for personal information (educational and entertainment purposes only)
  • You are allowed to save one local copy of our website pages or downloadable material on your hard drive for the above mentioned reasons or to inform others about it. You may not charge any fee for any such use. All commercial exploitation of any material on this site is expressly prohibited
  • All copyright notices or marks appearing on any of our website material must be included on each and every copy you make, download or print
  • You must keep all copied material you copy, download or print intact and in the same form as presented on our websites
  • You may not use any content or material from our websites for any purpose which is unlawful, prohibited under these terms, or which violates any of my rights or the rights any other owner of any rights in the material contained in our websites.

Pages linked from our sites may have other copyrights and may belong to someone else. They do not fall under our websites and we do not carry the copyrights of such pages.

Contributed material without a copyright notice is not copyrighted by anyone. This does however not in any way mean that you can copy this material without the permission of the author.

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Anything Else:

Should there be anything else you would like to know or don't understand, feel free to contact us.

Last updated 18 May 200p by Renier Delport

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